Monday, May 14, 2012

Giveaway of Ripple the Twine

Good afternoon! Hope everyone was ready to be back to work after such a lovely Mother’s Day weekend!  Here in Phoenix this past weekend temperatures were in the high nineties but will be slinking towards the door of 110 degrees by mid-week this week.  Yes, the dry heat actually does make a difference.  But also, yes, 110 degrees is still flipping hot!

And you know what that means right?  It means people will be getting ready to go swimming, head for the coastal beaches or just relax inside the air conditioning for the next couple months.  So I ask, what better way to relax than a nice light-hearted and plucky Chick-Lit novel?

I’m going out on a limb here and saying that you’ll enjoy my book for these lazy, hazy, hot and crispy days of late spring and early summer.  Grab a cold glass of whatever you enjoy – I’ll likely be pouring a frosty cold mug full of some refreshing light beer in my house – and read all about Sara Quinn and her friends in Ripple the Twine.

It couldn’t be easier to do that either, for the second half of May I’ll be collecting entries for a giveaway of one copy of my very first full length Chick-Lit genre fiction novel Ripple the Twine.


How to Enter
I want to share the love and hopefully a few fun words with you so feel free to enter as many ways as you’d like…each option will garner you one entry.

Follow my personal blog Random Lunacy
Follow my writer blog (here!) at Writesy
My life motto - Tell your friends! Pass on this link to your friends on your social networks***

Once you’ve followed any or all of the sites, come back here to this post and leave a comment on where you followed or how you've promoted the link.  (And FYI, I'll be taking comment moderation down until the end of the contest.)

That’s it!

The Rules
  • All notifications must be received by 7:00 EST on Thursday May 31, 2012
  • I will be choosing a winner on Friday June 1, 2012 and will post here who that winner is as early as my ADD ridden self allows me to get a post together (ooh something shiny!)
  • The entries will be written down, placed in, and drawn from, a hat because I’m old school and that’s just how I roll.
  • When commenting, be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you
  • If the winner doesn’t respond in 10 days another winner will be drawn, and so on, until I get to Kevin Bacon…
Thanks for entering and good luck! 

**If you’re planning to share this link on twitter please use the hashtag #RippletheTwine and link to me @jennshon

To purchase Ripple the Twine:
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- Giveaway valid only in the USA and Canada -