About the Author

Hi, I'm Jenn Flynn-Shon and I've been writing fiction since the dawn of time. When us 'old folk' had to use a hammer and chisel on blocks of stone.

Or a ballpoint pen and paper.

In addition to being old enough to know better (sometimes), I'm a self-publisher, owner of the micro-press Writesy Press, LLC and a blogger. I've self-published two Shaw McLeary Mystery series books and one reference title for fiction writers: Creative Writing Kickstart Volume 1. Two new Shaw McLeary titles - Reckless Mind and Reckless Shot - are slated for 2016 as well as CWK Volume 2.

I'm an ice hockey fanatic, road trip enthusiast, and lover of all things warm weather. Especially if it involves ocean waves, an ice cold beer, sitting next to my husband, and reading a good book.

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