Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy Birthday to Writesy Press and A Big Sale

It may be hard to believe but this little Publishing House - Writesy Press - is two years old!!! Because of that, I've got a special deal for you so keep reading.

As the Owner of this micro-press I'm compelled to step back and reflect for a couple minutes. Writesy Press officially opened its doors in January of 2012 as the finishing touches were being done to edit my first book then prepare it for printing and paperback distribution. In many ways that feels like a lifetime ago.

But wasn't it just yesterday?

So much has happened in the past 2 years and I've learned so much about the publishing industry! The ink on Ripple the Twine was barely dry and I had to throw myself into formatting, the Library of Congress, legality, and assigning an ISBN. Not to mention conceptualizing cover art, writing jacket copy and fighting with MS Word on how to make page numbers do what I wanted them to do. And then it was all about marketing and distribution. That is, until I got the itch to start writing another book.

There was no stopping the second book!

By the time Reckless Abandon hit the shelves it felt like old hat doing all the administrative type stuff that needs to be done to bring a book to market. It still took a while but it seemed that Reckless just flowed better in every way. The pressure was off. My second book could be a disaster and it wouldn't have mattered. Not in the same way as a first book disaster would have hit me.

And now another year has gone by. Another full calendar year and not a single book has been released on this micro-press label. Which is a damn shame!

Mostly that's because as the Owner I've had to shift my writing priorities to ensure I can keep paying the bills. I've been full time freelancing since May of last year and I must confess - I love it! Of course that means fiction writing has all but hit a screeching halt for the moment. Unless something insane happens its unlikely I'll release a fiction book/novella in 2014.

Will Writesy Press survive the no fiction release year?

In short, yes! We're not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, through my freelancing work I've discovered nuggets of advice, wisdom, tips and other need-to-know articles for logic based, snarky and fun freelancers. I hope to pull a lot of it together into an eBook by late spring and have it ready for distro by early summer.

Stay tuned for details!

Here's the deal...

Now, I promised a special deal! For those of you who would like a signed print copy of Ripple the Twine and Reckless Abandon here's the skinny.

For our birthday I'm offering both books (print only) for a total of just $20! That's like getting Reckless Abandon for the same price as the eBook! But you'll have TWO fully autographed pieces of literary goodness in your hands instead! Real paper. With the smell of real ink. The feel of a real book. Pages you can dog-ear. Your name inside the front cover. Some things are worth the throwback to paper.

I take PayPal or if we're face-to-face a check would be fine.

This sale is only going on until the end of January because, like our birthday, the party has to come to an end sometime. Books make excellent gifts and I'd be happy to personalize the message to anyone you like.

Email me so we can get started on your order - randomlunacy11 at yahoo dot com

Enjoy the start of 2014 and may all of your wishes come true this year!

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