Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ripple the Twine and Reckless Abandon Now in eBook or Paperback

I've been saying for months now that I was going to publish Ripple the Twine as an eBook in addition to its print form but just never got off my butt to figure out how to do it. Then back in October of 2012 I published Reckless Abandon as an eBook and a whole new world opened up!

The real secret that I found out was that publishing an eBook on KDP Select through Amazon is easy. Really, really easy (disclaimer: as long as you've already formatted your Word doc correctly but that's a post for my Writesy blog).

So after I fully formatted Reckless Abandon for paperback (and let me just give a HUGE thank you shout-out to my mom Judi FitzPatrick Studio, for her amazing work on both of my cover designs!) it seemed like a no brainer to get Ripple the Twine ready for sale as an eBook.

And now they're both here in both formats, ready for your reading pleasure! A brief synopsis of each book and the cover art is below, please click on the links that follow to read more, see what my reviewers are saying (LOVE you all!), and to purchase either the eBook or print version depending on your preference.

Stick around as I'll be talking soon about an upcoming Blog Tour for Reckless Abandon and will be hosting a Giveaway on Goodreads for a print copy of the book as well. Happy reading!

Ripple the Twine

A Tomboy-meets-Townie love story that shows how sometimes friends can be your closest family.

Set in Boston Ripple tells the story of Sara Quinn, a 30-something sportswriter thawing out after a long winter season on the sidelines of the fields and the ice. She's a rabid hockey fan and has an eclectic crew of friends who have been battling multiple issues without her while she was off covering the winter market. Now that she's back, everyone is coming to her for advice. Its causing her insecurities about love to bubble up just as a cute Townie named Ben enters the picture. Is she willing to let go of her emotionally painful past to give Ben a chance? And what will Sara do when her three closest friends all announce they may be out of the country more often then they're in it? Can any of them handle their problems on their own or will life force them back together to face things as a family?

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Reckless Abandon

How far would you go for love?

Shaw McLeary is on the run and on a hunt for her missing husband, Danny. Only she’s not alone, Shaw somehow managed to convince her ex-fiancĂ©, Private Investigator JJ Anderson, to help with the search. They start in Phoenix but are chased all the way to Manhattan in somewhat tight quarters and neither of them can deny they may still feel the same as they did twenty years ago. The chase has her spooked but her renewed feelings for JJ might scare her more than the bad guys with guns. Will Shaw find what she's looking for when they reach upstate New York, or will dirty cops catch her before she figures out what, or who, that even is?

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