Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ripple the Twine Book Tour Wrap Up and Amazing Responses

You’d probably think by now that I’m completely burned out on talking, reading or thinking about Ripple the Twine right? Well, yes and no. This book will always be my first published novel. It will always hold that place in my heart as the first child. So miraculous it exists at all.

But then again, it can become tiresome talking about it. Do you recall the scene in Jerry Maguire when Jerry is in the hotel room with his number one star prospect, Cushman, and the phone rings? Someone tells Cushman he’s on the jumbotron and Cush announces that he’s sick of looking at himself; that he has “Cush-lash”.

There are times I feel the same way about my first novel. Times I can’t wait to get the next one out just so I can stop talking about this one. However, this is not one of those times. Today I’m sort of reeling in the amazing response Ripple the Twine has gotten from readers.

And not just any readers, ones who read a lot of books by Indie Authors but still happened to love mine! I know maybe I shouldn’t be surprised anymore but I’m still in awe of the response every time someone new reads it and either officially reviews it or just lets me know how much they loved reading it. Seriously. Awe.

My Chick Lit Plus Blog Tour was still waiting for one last post to go up. With the holiday weekend this past weekend I didn’t get a chance to share the review that was posted over on The East Village this past Saturday. The review was late but I wasn’t stressed about it, hey life happens!

When Samantha at CLP told me the review was up I checked out the link on my phone (which can sometimes act up opening links but I was excited to give it a try!). I almost fell off the chair when I saw what she had to say about my novel! I encourage everyone to get over and read the review on The East Village and leave her a comment. I was pretty much literally blown away by her response!

And then this morning I’m perusing some blogs that I’m long overdue to catch up on reading and I come across a recap post over on Change the Word about the books she’s read in August. Her review of mine was so kind, 4 out of 5 stars and fantastic feedback including advice I’ll make use of while writing future books. Then I read this post today.

Laura recapped the four books she read in August and she said Ripple the Twine was her “Read of the Month”! Holy cow! I’m humbled and so honored. It’s hard to put into words anything other than thank you to express how much I appreciate being told that my book was the leader of the pack (and let me tell ya, the other books on her month’s reading list well, let’s just say that I’ve heard whispers of how awesome they all are!). Please check out the recap post on Change the Word and maybe you’ll even discover another book you want to check out.

So now with the Labor Day holiday behind us here in the U.S. the vibe of summer fun and breezy beach days are winding down. And so is my heavy promotion of Ripple the Twine. Moving into fall my main focus will be to get my second manuscript, Work in Progress, more fully edited and formatted for eBook. But of course I’ll also be taking a little time to appreciate the fruits of the labor that I put into my first.

And hell, if hockey doesn’t happen this season I’m going to (sob uncontrollably because I’ll) have a whole heck of a lot more time to spend writing and editing, so you never know what might materialize!