Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ripple the Twine Blog Tour Heads to the Midwest

Today’s stop on the two week whirlwind Blog Tour takes Ripple the Twine all the way to Lincoln, Nebraska  for a review on Change the Word, run by the spunky and sweet Laura. I was thrilled to learn how much we have in common – we’re both two-time NaNoWriMo winners (woo hoo for Wrimos!), we both enjoy sports, and we’re both hard at work on our third manuscript. How cool is that? Very…but not as cool as it was for this Indie Author to read her review of my first novel!

Laura gave Ripple the Twine four out of five stars and said that I had “Well-developed, realistic characters with relatable issues” which was cool to hear as that’s exactly what I was going for when writing it. She also gave me about the hugest compliment in the world by saying “Ripple the Twine is a solid debut fiction novel. I look forward to seeing Flynn-Shon's future projects.”

Wowza, thanks so much for the solid review on Change the Word Laura, I’m pretty much going to be doing my own version of the touchdown dance for the rest of the day after reading it!

Please check out my review on Change the Word and leave a comment then poke around Laura’s blog, and follow her on social media (see Contact page for details). If you have a book you’d like reviewed she also has info on that so get cracking writers and get your books out!

I’ll be sticking around Laura’s abode for a couple days, she’s let me share some space at her place overnight, and I have a guest post going up tomorrow. Come on back & hang with us at CtW again on Thursday. I’ll get the link out tomorrow morning.

Thanks for the rave Laura, I greatly appreciate it, but most important for an Indie Author is that people read and review it at all so I’m doubly thanking you for taking the time to do just that!


Ripple the Twine is currently sold in print format but is due to hit the virtual shelves as an eBook in the fall of 2012. Details to follow after the CLP Blog Tour wraps up so stick around!

In the meantime you can go and check out my book on:

Happy reading everyone!

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