Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ripple the Twine Blog Tour Next Stop…

Samantha March is hosting me over at her fun blog today as the Ripple the Twine train pulls into the next station! I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Samantha for today’s post and I must say, her questions really made me stop to think. I appreciate being able to dig a little deeper inside to answer her questions honestly.

As the owner and operator of the blog Chick Lit Plus – the organizer of this wild ride of a Blog Tour I’m on right now – Samantha has been AH-mazing! She’s super friendly & sweet, incredibly organized and works hard to make a Blog Tour the best it can be! When she suggested that I could be featured on her blog too I was thrilled!

Be sure to check out the post and leave Samantha some love. I would like to thank her profusely for doing such a great job with organizing and promoting my Tour and for featuring my interview and excerpt on her own blog today. You rock Samantha, thanks!

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  1. Thanks Jenn, I am so excited that I won your book... once I read it I will donate it to our library:)