Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ripple the Twine Tour Starting to Wind Down

But it isn’t over yet! Today’s Tour stop comes from Lisa at Lost in Literature. She was kind enough to post a bio and synopsis of my book in addition to a review in which she gave Ripple the Twine FOUR STARS! Woo hoo!

I’d like to share a somewhat funny story about sending my book out to Lisa. I had purchased a new style of envelope for mailing out these review copies. The envelopes are awesome because they’re 95% recycled content, 65% of which is post-consumer, and they’re really super rigid so I know they’ll protect the books well. Everyone’s book arrived protected and inside their envelope except Lisa’s!!

Considering the blog’s title is Lost in Literature and the book seemed to disappear in the mail I was shaking my head at the irony of it all. Anyway, I chuckled and sent her out another copy.

Thankfully I did! Lisa said"Ripple the Twine is a light, quick read that I thoroughly loved from beginning to end."

I appreciate the opportunity for Ripple the Twine to be featured on Lost in Literature today Lisa!

* * *

One quick thing I’d like to address in Lisa’s review however is in regards to the cover. It may appear that these items were Photoshopped together but that isn’t the case at all. This photo shoot was set up by my mom, Judi FitzPatrick Studio, at my sister’s apartment. The shoes are mine & puck belonged to a colleague of my sister. The still life scene was shot in multiple angles at it sat on a coffee table, shrouded in a “green screen”, out on my sister’s front balcony. Although the perspective might look off I assure you, that heel is on the puck and toe was on the table!


  1. Even more ironic... the second envelope came taped up, kind of messily, so I'm assuming the second envelope opened in transit as well. I'm so happy it found its way to me regardless of the difficulty it encountered on its way here! :)

  2. Okay that's just crazy! At least the 2nd one was in the envelope, I'd be knocking on the door of your Post Office otherwise lol