Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ripple the Twine Brings Out the Sports Love on Tour

One of the stops I was most excited about sending a copy of Ripple the Twine out to was Jersey Girl Book Reviews. Run by Kathleen she loves to read and is a big supporter of Indie Authors, like me!

As a sports girl from Boston there’s no doubt I’m going to have a love for the Bruins and the Red Sox. And anyone who has read my book knows that Sara is also a lover of the Beantown sports teams. I sent my book off to Kathleen with fingers crossed that she wasn’t a Yankees fan (but truthfully I knew better, I know how and where loyalties lie in the northeast!). But she was totally professional when reviewing the book…despite her love for a couple of Boston’s biggest rivals.

Not only did Kathleen give me a great review but she was gracious enough to allow me to post about how my love of Boston sports helped me shape Ripple the Twine in my Guest Post: “How Boston Sports Love Helped Me Write My First Novel”. With a mention of the Yankees and the Flyers as being two of her top teams, I have to thank Jersey Girl Book Reviews for allowing my Boston-ness to reign supreme on her blog today. (heehee)

And not only that but I have to thank her for such a glowing review! Kathleen really understood the characters and their motivations. She says:

The author does a wonderful job of bringing the characters to life with their individual stories, their strong bond of friendship, as well as their dialogues and interactions, it made the story that much more of an entertaining and compelling read.

Her entire review of the book was more than I could’ve asked for! Please check out the review and leave a comment on Jersey Girl Book Reviews!

Kathleen also features Authors who want to be reviewed but aren’t part of a tour. Have a book? Want a review? Check her sidebar for details.

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