Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Reckless Abandon, A Novella by Jenn Flynn-Shon Available on Kindle

Reckless Abandon, the first novella in the Shaw McLeary series by Author Jenn Flynn-Shon (Ripple the Twine), is available for purchase as an eBook on Amazon. Released October 29, 2012 through Writesy Press.

A Romantic Suspense fiction novella, Reckless Abandon takes the reader on a journey from Phoenix to Manhattan to upstate New York as YA fiction Author Shaw McLeary, and reluctant partner JJ Anderson, track down leads as to why Shaw’s husband Danny disappeared in a hurry.

At approximately 30,000 words, and with a fervent pace, you’ll feel as if you’ve jumped in the backseat of the car to traverse the country with them.

Currently being offered exclusively as an eBook through Amazon, the paperback version is due to follow in November 2012.


How far would you go for love? Young Adult fiction Author, Shaw McLeary, returns from Whole Foods to discover her husband, Danny, is gone. So is their stash of cash, his clothes, passport, and her wedding rings. He took off in a hurry and left her behind. While trying to piece it all together Shaw witnesses a cop’s murder in her home. Determined not to become the next victim, she flees. She fears dirty cops are involved in Danny’s disappearance. There's only one person she can trust to help her - JJ Anderson, Private Investigator. Also, her ex-fiancĂ©.

A retired Phoenix cop turned PI, Shaw hopes JJ will be inclined to take her case. Despite his resentment for how their relationship ended, he agrees to help her track down leads on Danny. They chase the clues from Phoenix to Manhattan to upstate New York. In such close quarters Shaw finds it difficult to maintain a professional distance from her first real love. Then what happens if she finds Danny? Can she still love a man who abandoned her or is she too drawn to fixing her past mistake to let go of JJ again?


Via Amazon Kindle Store, ISBN 978-0-9885668-1-1, Reckless Abandon, Jenn Flynn-Shon

- Cover art: Photo and compilation completed by Judi FitzPatrick Studio http://judifitzpatrick.redbubble.com/
- For Writesy Press please visit: http://writesy.blogspot.com
- To learn more about the Author, Jenn Flynn-Shon please visit: http://www.jennflynnshon.com

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  1. Yeah Jenn, so excited for you. I want to get your book but it won't be until after the holidays. I will be getting it in the new year:) WOOT!!