Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Reckless Abandon, A Novella by Jenn Flynn-Shon

Reckless Abandon by Author Jenn Flynn-Shon, is a Romantic Suspense novella. The first in the Shaw McLeary series. Due for release October 2012.


Young Adult fiction Author, Shaw McLeary, returns from Whole Foods to discover her husband, Danny, is gone. So is their stash of cash, his clothes, passport, and her wedding rings. He took off in a hurry and left her behind. While trying to piece it all together Shaw witnesses a cop’s murder in her home. Determined not to become the next victim, she flees. She fears dirty cops are involved in Danny’s disappearance. There's only one person she can trust to help her - JJ Anderson, Private Investigator. Also, her ex-fiancĂ©.

A retired Phoenix cop turned PI, Shaw hopes JJ will be inclined to take her case. Despite his resentment for how their relationship ended, he agrees to help her track down leads on Danny. They chase the clues from Phoenix to Manhattan to upstate New York. In such close quarters Shaw finds it difficult to maintain a professional distance from her first real love. Then what happens if she finds Danny? Can she still love a man who abandoned her or is she too drawn to fixing her past mistake to let go of JJ again?


“What is it you think I can do? Maybe he left you. Get over it. Move on.”
His words stung. “Are you kidding me? He didn’t just leave, JJ. My bedroom was tossed. A cop got shot in my foyer and the goons who did it were looking for me. I was next. I need to find him. I need to figure out why he’s on the run, who’s after him.”
“I didn’t go chasing after you when you left.”
“Oh come on. Look, I’m all for letting you blurt out all your anger later. Hell let’s just swing by my house and get my day planner so we can pencil it in!” I stood up and flailed my arms around. “Right now I need you to be a cop or a P.I. or whatever you are and not my ex. Because I can’t do this alone and I don’t think I can trust anyone else to help me.”
“What makes you think you can trust me?” He growled and stood up next to me.
I softened my voice and his name came out as more of a question than a statement. As if it was me asking him how he could ask me that. Even after all these years and so many mistakes there were some things that would never change. Feeling safe with him had never been an issue. He all but fell back down onto the loveseat. I sat back down too and turned to look at the box next to him on the cushion. His cologne wafted up into the air. Still wearing Drakkar Noir. I looked at the small laugh lines that had formed beside his eyes. At his salt sprinkled hair. Maybe it wasn’t that JJ never changed, maybe I liked to think he hadn’t moved since I hugged him goodbye at Sky Harbor in the winter of 1991.


Jenn Flynn-Shon is the Author of Ripple the Twine - a Tomboy-meets-Townie Chick-Lit novel released in April 2012, Trying for the Moon - a collection of prose poetry (Chapbook), Small but Scrappy: Volume One - a Perzine focused on Jenn's first eight years as a Writer, and Randomness and Lunacy, a personal blog documenting all kinds of crazy debauchery that Jenn has been involved in over the years.

She's been writing since age eleven, or thereabouts, and started exploring the world of fiction writing at age thirteen. Her first publication was a poem written for a pop star; it was published under a pen name in Bop Magazine in 1989. Yeah, that's right.

Writesy Press, her independent title, self-publishing house, was founded in January of 2012. Jenn has re-released and/or published most of her work as Writesy Press Publications. Reckless Abandon her first Romantic Suspense novella will be released under this imprint and is slated for an October 2012 release.

She is a two-time winning participant in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo, NaNo) (2009, 2010) and an active member of the Scottsdale Society of Women Writers. Jenn also guest blogs for Team EcoEtsy, writes articles for multiple online sources, and has been content editing colleague's fiction and memoir manuscripts for the past year.

When she makes time to relax she loves to hang out with her husband, explore the country on road trips, watch her Boston sports teams, share laughs with friends and family, and read everything from blogs to novels. Jenn and her husband moved to Phoenix, Arizona from Boston, Massachusetts in the summer of 2011. She makes a point to write daily, and is a shameless self-promoter.

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